Litter Training Guide For Cat Owners

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As an owner of a pet cat, you will have lots of responsibilities in grooming your cat and maintaining your living space clean and tidy. You should take appropriate measures to prevent the cat from littering at unwanted places. You should train your cat how to use cat litter properly. We find incontinent cat diapers in the market of late, which are an ideal solution for the cats. Cats do need more care from the owners in many aspects. You can get a better insight and tips here about cat care.

Cats are more like human when it comes to toilet habit. They mostly prefer to relieve themselves in a hidden place. Like humans, they don’t like toileting in the area that is near to food or living area. Therefore, it is relatively easier to train the concept of a toilet to your cat. A typical cat will urinate for two reasons. The first reason is to remove the waste from the bowel. The second reason is they spray urine to mark their territory. Now let us provide some tips on how to provide litter training to your cat.

Step 1:

The first step is selecting the appropriate litter tray. These trays come in different sizes. It is really good to choose a tray that is larger. This would help the cat to lay down while littering comfortably. Large trays are also more visible and can make it easy to spot and remember for the cats. You can go for an extra large litter tray if you have a bigger cat.

If you are very particular about preventing direct contact with the cat litter, then you can use the disposable liner along with the litter tray. These liners make it easier to remove the mess from the litter trays. You may also consider using the disposable litter trays, which significantly minimize the chance of mess during the cleanup process. You can find both reusable and disposable litter trays on both online and offline stores.

Step 2:

Now you have to choose the right litter. There are many types of litter available in the market such as clay, wood pellets, and paper. It is not recommended to use the litter with antibacterial chemicals and strong perfume during the training.

Step 3:

After you selected the tray and litter, your next step is to find the right location. It is important to choose a location that is visible and least used by your cat. Places like the corner of the garage or utility room can be an excellent choice.

Step 4:

After you have selected the ideal spot to place the tray, you have to show it to the cat. Add a right amount of litter on the tray and lay your cat over there. You don’t have to worry if the cat doesn’t show any interest in the beginning. It will make a mental note of the tray and more likely to come to the location when it wants.

Important Things To Note:

Make sure to remove the solid waste from the tray at least once in a day

Replace or change the litter box once in a week

Don’t clean the plastic trays with strong chemicals as the smell can deter the cats.

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