Investment in marijuana is considered as profitable as cryptocurrency investment. The growth in the sales is going on strong, and there is a change in the public opinion regarding the legalization of cannabis and marijuana. The perception of the general public on weed changed drastically since years, and the majority of them are in favor of legalization. The Crisis Investing Review also supports the marijuana and weed legalization. You can obtain a Full List Here on the pros and cons of the pots joining the group exchanges.

The pot sales in the U.S.A. have shot up from 25 to 35%. The marijuana market is not yet suitable for all the traders as still it is listed under schedule I drug in the United States. Canada has legalized medical marijuana in 2001 and is working on the policies to legalize recreational marijuana too. Uruguay has also legalized marijuana and Canada followed suit.

There is strong support for legalization in the Senate of Canada, but there is a tax-sharing agreement between the federal government and the provinces of Canada. The recreational marijuana pot supplies would be delayed, declared the health minister of Canada. The cannabis is not reaching the retailers and suppliers in time. The sale that was supposed to take off in June 2018 can be delayed. The marijuana investors were quite disappointed with the delay as they expected huge growth in the stocks and sales. With the delay of recreational marijuana legalization, the three Canadian pot stocks can be benefitted.

The Aphria Company was also dejected with the delay new but later realized that it could be profitable as well. It is among the top four companies in Canada and has the potential to produce almost 2, 30,000 cannabis by 2019. It has a partnership with the double diamond farms and has recently acquired broken coast cannabis. The expansion of project means the investment can cross over 100 million. The company is launching its sale after its competitors. Though there is demand for its product, the long-term supply deals can be affected a bit. In the pot industry, Aphria is trying to maintain its stance and profits.

The Cannabis Wheaton income corporation company is supplying funds to the growers, and they can receive the crop yield well below the original market price. A profit return of almost 60% is expected by the company as it sells the stock for higher or original market price. Its deliverance capacity is the same as Aphria. Nearly 15 deals are finalized with smaller companies. This company is new and needs amount for startup costs, for clearing debts and brought deal offerings.

The Emerald health therapeutics company grows its crop in a land owned by Village farms international. The lease options and the growth capacity are immense like Aphria. But by June 2018, it cannot deliver the crop and is anticipated to fall beyond the other companies. It has an excellent long-term approach and is expecting profits.